Pain Management

pain management

chronic pain

Pain Management
is important for ongoing pain control, especially if you suffer with long-term or chronic pain. After getting a pain assessment, your doctor can prescribe pain medicine, other pain treatments, or psychotherapy to help with pain relief.
Symptoms & Types
The feeling of physical pain can vary greatly — mild, sharp, severe, dull. Learn the symptoms for different types of pain, so you can describe them to a doctor.

Pain Types and Classifications
Even though the experience of pain varies from one person to the next, it is possible to categorize the different types of pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Learn about carpal tunnel syndrome’s causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Abdominal Pain
Whether it is a mild stomach ache, sharp pain, or stomach cramps, abdominal pain has numerous causes.

Hip Pain: Causes and Treatment
Despite its durability, the hip joint isn’t indestructible. With age and use, the cartilage can wear down or become damaged.

Chronic Knee and Joint Pain
Arthritis that affects your “shock absorbers” is the cause of pain and disability in knee and hip joints that can lead to surgery. Click here.
Piriformis Syndrome
Learn the symptoms, causes, and treatments of piriformis syndrome.

Back Pain
The causes of back pain can be complex — accidents, muscle strains, sports injuries. Stiffness, pain, lower back pain, and pain radiating down the leg are symptoms of back pain.

Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain
Overexertion, pinched nerves — all sorts of joint and muscle problems can cause neck and shoulder pain. Click here to read more about how shoulder and neck pain are diagnosed and treated.

A car accident or any abrupt jerking motion to the head and neck — and suddenly you have serious neck, shoulder, back pain. Standard X-rays of the neck may not show any injuries. Read more about whiplash.

Chronic Muscle Pain
Use your muscles incorrectly, too much, too little — and you’ve got muscle pain. Learn the subtle differences of muscle injuries and pain.

Muscle Pain
Overuse injuries — muscle sprains, strains, and pains — result from all sorts of assaults, small to severe. Read more about the causes of muscle pain and treatment of muscle pain.

Trigeminal Neuralgia
It’s considered one of the most painful conditions in medicine. The face pain it causes can be treated. Learn more about what causes trigeminal neuralgia and treatments for face pain caused by it.

Shingles Pain (Postherpetic Neuralgia)
A complication of shingles is the painful after-effects known as postherpetic neuralgia. This condition occurs only in some people and after the rash of shingles has disappeared.

Sciatica Pain
When your rear or leg muscles worsen when sitting for a long period of time, climbing stairs, walking, or running — it might be sciatica. Read up on this common problem.

Arachnoiditis: Spinal Pain
Inflamed tissue, which surrounds the spinal cord — caused by injury, infection, or other assaults — can cause great disability and pain. Read more.

Joint Pain
See the causes of joint pain and how to treat it with both home remedies and prescribed medication.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
It’s a baffling, intensely painful disorder that can develop from a seemingly minor injury, yet is believed to result from high levels of nerve impulses being sent to the affected disorder. Learn more about this disorder.

Central Pain Syndrome
A stroke, multiple sclerosis, or spinal cord injuries can result in chronic pain and burning syndromes from damage to brain regions. Read this brief overview.

Phantom Limb Pain
Phantom pain refers to the sensation of pain felt by patients who have had a limb amputated. Treatments are usually disappointing and do not provide relief. Read more about phantom limb pain.

Diabetes-Related Nerve Pain (Neuropathy)
If you have diabetes, nerve damage can be a serious complication. This nerve complication can cause severe burning pain especially at night. Learn more about diabetic neuropathy.

Depression, Anxiety, and Pain
Depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems can cause pain — or make existing pain worse. Click here to know more.

Compartment Syndrome
Learn about compartment syndrome causes, symptoms, and treatments.


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